You are separated from your opponent by a shallow section of the Saskatchewan River. Most of the coin on the map is contained in the Rocky Mountains to the west but you will have two mines in base, each protected by…

Bering Strait

Your opponent is closer than you realize, separated only by a frozen ocean. Resources are sparse and spread out but you will begin with a gold mine in your base. A single trade route runs across the map and makes building walls difficult.

Cerro Acahay

A very large map set inside an ancient crater in Paraguay. You will find an incredible amount of resources, but very spread out. The thick rainforest makes building walls difficult. Eight trade posts are available on two separate lines. Each team has access to a…


Each player starts with a bank and few in base resources. To control the trade route on the Delmarva Peninsula, you must also control the water. There are no whales and few coin mines, so be careful not to waste any.

Death Valley

This map is designed by SamuraiRevolution himself for FFA but can be used for 1v1 and team games as well. You spawn circularly around the interior of a canyon with a central “oasis”. Starting resources are EXTREMELY limited so map control…


You are at the treeline in the far North of Canada and have very little wood available. However, there is an incredible amount of water resources and a safe trade route behind your town. The islands offer strategic advantage but not…

Kawawaymog Lake

Kawawaymog Lake is a compact map and home to the Huron and Iroquois. Teams start dangerously close to each other on opposite shores of the tiny lake the offers the potential for aggression and makes walling your base difficult. A ridge…


Two bodies of water separate you from your enemy with a trade route in the centre. Early aggression will be difficult, allowing for some boomy builds but don’t lose control of your side of the water!


The Atlantic in the north and the Pacific in the south offer a wealth of resources. The rush distance on this map is huge, but you have few places to hide if you are rushed. Panama is home to the Zapotec…









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