Calendar and Registration

  • Oct 07 – Registration OPEN to everyone (FCFS)
  • Oct 13 – Registration CLOSED and League Schedule Finalized
  • Oct 14 – Regular season begins (these matches may or may not be streamed/casted, depending on availability of casters, feel free to ask but don’t plan expect a caster)
  • Dec 02 – Playoffs begin. Start date depends on the number of players registered (and the length of the regular season). The semi-finals for each division will be observed by tourney admin.  The championship for each division will be casted by SamuraiRevolution.

All players must be members of the SamuraiRevolutionOfficial discord server and all players must be available on weekends.

To register, contact TheClemsonFan via direct message (DM) on the discord server. Be sure to include your ESO username and general availability (days of the week and time of day along with your timezone). Each registrant will be placed in a division according to their calculated PR (See PR Calc).

The regular season will consist of “play-all 3” series. Each win in the regular season earns the player a point in the standings. The top 4 players from each division will qualify for the playoffs.*

The semi-final series will be best-of-3 series (BO3) while the championship series will be a BO5. The playoffs will consist of a single elimination bracket in which the top 4 players from each division are seeded according to their regular season ranking (first v fourth and second v third).

Players must adhere to the schedule. Extenuating circumstances will be considered for any series that are delayed but administrative action may be taken if necessary. With so many divisions, participants, series, and holidays/exams approaching we must stick to scheduled dates as much as possible. Players that forfeit more than one series may be disqualified.

*Subject to change based on registration numbers and extenuating circumstances.









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