Grouping and Scheduling Rules


1.1 – Tournament staff will schedule the first round matches via TIMEZONE. This is to ensure an ease of play in the first round. For example, the first game, first round match will be all players in Europe. These players will be randomly inserted. There is no seeding or ranking. 

 1.2 – A maximum of 32 players can register for this tourney. Each group will have a maximum of 8 players. If the full 32 is not reached, then each group will be lowered as needed to get each player in. (For example, if there are 28 players registered, the groups will be around 7 players). 

1.3 – Some groups may be smaller based on timezone situations. (For example, if there are 7 Australian players, they may play a 7 player game for scheduling purposes while others may have an 8 player game because the players availability)

1.4 – The outright winner of each group will move onto the Grand Finals.

1.5 – In addition to the outright winner, another player will advance from the group. This player will be proposed by casters and voted on by the fans to advance!

*Subject to change based on registration numbers and extenuating circumstances as mentioned above

General Tournament Rules


2.1 – Every player must respect their opponents, casters, and staff. Racism and any other type of discrimination and/or insults are not tolerated and will instigate a misbehavior disqualification if necessary.

 2.2 – SamuraiRevolution is the tourney administrator.

2.3 – The current ESOC Patch will be used. (YES, this tourney is ON The Asian Dynasties, EP patch, not DE)

 2.4 – Matches will be played using the SUPREMACY game type with the STANDARD rules and the game set to record. This means that winning via trade monopoly is available.

2.5 –All matches must be recorded. The winner must send the recordings to SamuraiRevolution by way of DM on Discord. Please name the recordings based on your group number.

Game & Disqualification Rules


3.1 – Game modifications and exploits are NOT allowed. If you are not sure about the mods, please contact the tournament admin. Admin reserves the right to disqualify a player for use of any (or suspected use of) exploits to gain an unfair advantage.

 3.2 – Banned modifications and exploits include but are not limited to: map hacks, hacked deck, trainers, explorer revival glitch, OOS / intentional lag (stacked downloads or other game crashing exploits), Aztec covermode chief exploit, cav/inf boxes, zoom modification, invisible UI, “crackshot machine gun”, etc.  Building rotation is allowed.

3.21 – Banned Civs, Cards & Units Include the following:

PORTUGAL IS BANNED THIS YEAR (portugal dominated play last year and will be removed to encourage more diverse civ play)

Japan – Morutaru Range (far range mortars) is banned

Russia – Oprichniks are banned

France – Cuirassier are banned

Sioux – Friendly Territory (TeePee Attack) is banned

 3.3 – Streaming tournament games is NOT allowed, NOR is voice communication with anyone. There is NO Discord stream/screen sharing of any kind (includes lobby voice chats). You cannot be communicating in the same room in person. ALL CHAT MUST BE DONE IN GAME VIA TYPING No voice chat, communicating in the same room, etc…

3.4 – If you suspect your opponent has violated any of the player integrity rules, finish the game and submit it for review with an explanation of why you think the game was unfair. If the admin finds someone to be guilty of cheating, the cheater(s) will be disqualified from the tournament.

3.5 – Please listen to your tournament admin and caster, if game modifications, resets, disqualifications, or other actions need to be made, their word is the final word. Just as a referee’s decision is the final decision.  

 3.6 – There is no max PR/ELO ranking for this tourney.

 3.7 – The registered account name must be the main account of its owner.

 3.8 – If a match or series is interrupted in any unplayable way, the match will restart with all players that are still playing and that have at least 1 town center up. Depending on the circumstance, it could be considered a ‘no contest’ and will be reset on the same map with the same civilizations, a win for a player who is in position of an obvious imminent victory, or other action will be taken if needed. If there is a player that is the cause of this interruption, they will be immediately disqualified. If a player is suspected of an unplayable interruption they may be disqualified according to the discretion of tourney admin.

 3.9 – When a player disconnects from the internet BEFORE 30 seconds, the players will restart the game. When a player disconnects AFTER 30 seconds, the players can (when all players agree) restart/replay the game. If the opposing players do not agree to restart, the player who lost connection will be given a loss. If a restart is agreed on, only those that were still playing (with at least 1 town center up) at the moment of disconnection will be eligible to replay. Tourney admin must be contacted before this replay.

*This is a FREE FOR ALL tourney, not a 1v1 tourney and not “fair for all” tourney. Whiners beware – you will fight multiple fronts, be chased until your last units death, and fought until the end. If you are much stronger than everyone else, you may get double, triple, or even quadruple teamed. This is the real Battle Royle. Only enter if you are ready!


4.1 – You can play with the same civ through every game of the tournament. 

4.2 – Portugal is banned from this tournament









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