General Rules

General Rules:

1.1 – Every player must respect their opponents, casters, and staff. Racism and any other type of discrimination and/or insults are not tolerated and will instigate a misbehavior disqualification if necessary.

1.2 – SamuraiRevolution, Forever and Beyond, dansil92, TheClemsonFan, and Ragnarok_Hero are the tourney admin.

1.3 – Restarts of individual matches will be checked by casters/admin. In the playoffs and championships, each player may request a restart once during the series (the request must be made within the first 4 minutes of a match). If your match is not being streamed, we recommend that you have a third person observe the match to check for a balanced map spawn and to ensure that the series runs smoothly. 

1.4 – The Asian Dynasties (“RE patch”) expansion is required and the TSREV Observer Maps and ESOC UI maps indicated in the map pool must be used. 

1.5 – Matches will be played using the SUPREMACY game type with the STANDARD rules and the game set to record. If you are playing with an observer or caster, select the FFA option and ensure the Observer is in the third position in the lobby.

1.6 – All matches must be recorded. The winner must send the recordings to TheClemsonFan by way of DM on Discord. Please rename the recorded games (for example – “Week 1 Player A v Player B Game 1”).

1.7 – Game modifications and exploits are NOT allowed, unless you have very similar mods from other source that does not grant an unfair advantage. If you are not sure about the mods, please contact tournament admin. Admin reserves the right to disqualify a player for use of any (or suspected use of) exploits to gain an unfair advantage.

1.8 – Banned modifications and exploits include but are not limited to: map hacks, hacked deck, trainers, explorer revival glitch, OOS / intentional lag (stacked downloads or other game crashing exploits), Aztec covermode chief exploit, cav boxes, building rotator mods, zoom modification, invisible UI, “crackshot machine gun”, etc.

1.9 – Screen sniping streamed matches is also forbidden. Streams will have at least a two-minute delay to discourage screen sniping.

1.10 – If you suspect your opponent has violated any of the player integrity rules, finish the game and submit it for review with an explanation of why you think the game was unfair. If the admin finds someone to be guilty of cheating, the cheater(s) will be disqualified from the tournament.

1.11 – Please listen to your tournament admin and caster, if game modifications, resets, disqualifications, or other actions need to be made, their word is the final word. Just as a referee’s decision is the final decision.  

1.12 – The maximum PR of any individual player permitted to join this tournament is 31.00. Smurfing will not be tolerated. Admin will review all player accounts. If smurfing is suspected, the player will be removed from the tournament or unable to register.

1.13 – The registered account name must be the main account of its owner. Staff have the final say in determining the eligibility of a player for their PR qualification ranking. A minimum of 25 ranked supremacy games on the official TAD patch/WoL/EP (Vanilla and TWC stats will be excluded) are needed to enter. The account used to register must be an active account (active within the past 3 months).

1.14 – If a match or series is interrupted in any unplayable way, the match will restart with all players that are still playing and that have at least 1 town center up. Depending on the circumstance, it could be considered a ‘no contest’ and will be reset on the same map with the same civilizations, a win for a team who are in position of an imminent victory, or other action will be taken if needed. If there is a player that is the cause of this interruption, they will be immediately disqualified. If a player is suspected of an unplayable interruption they may be disqualified according to the discretion of tourney admin.

1.15 – When a player disconnects from the internet BEFORE 30 seconds, the players can (when both teams agree) restart/replay the game. If the opposing team does not agree to restart, the status of the game will be determined by the tournament admin. When a player disconnects AFTER 30 seconds, the players can (when both teams agree) restart/replay the game. If the opposing team does not agree to restart, the team with the player who lost connection will be given a loss.

1.16 – The divisions will be broken down by rank/PR and a maximum of 8 players will be accepted into each division.** Registration is completed on a FCFS basis.

  • Division 1: PR below 13
  • Division 2: PR 13-15
  • Division 3: PR 16-16.5
  • Division 4: PR 16.5-20
  • Division 5: PR 21-22
  • Division 6: PR 24-25
  • Division 7: PR 26-31

**This is subject to change based on the number of people that register for the tournament but the divisions will follow the same general rank distribution so that players are matched against others of similar rank/PR. Also, we will try to accommodate as many players as possible.

Series Rules

2.1 – Players may not win with the same civilization more than once in a series. Players do not have to lock in their civilizations prior to the tournament. Players may use the same civilization repeatedly until they win with it. From this point on, the civilization is locked for that player.

2.2 – For game 1 of the series, players must mutually agree on a matchup. If an agreement cannot be made, a “blind pick” may be forced. 

2.3 – For all other games in the series, the winning player from the previous game must select a civilization first and the opponent gets to “counter pick”.

2.4 – Maps for each regular season series will be selected from the map pool for each round of the tournament (see section titled “Map Pool”). For regular season play all 3 series, opposing players must decide on two maps that they want to play on and the third map will be chosen by tourney admin (see section titled “Map Pool”). The higher ranked player (based on the standings with the tiebreaker being calculated PR) will choose the map for game 1 and the lower ranked player will select the map for game 2. Game 3 will be played on a map chosen by tourney admin (again, see section “Map Pool”).

2.5 – In the higher divisions (Division 5, 6, and 7), players may veto one civilization from their opponent’s civ pool. This veto must be made at least 24 hours before any scheduled match (extenuating circumstances will be considered) AND must be communicated to tourney admin and the opponent. The higher ranked player (based on the standings with the tiebreaker being calculated PR) will make the first veto.

2.6 – During playoff series, each player will have the option of vetoing one of the maps from the map pool and the series will be played on the remaining maps in the order they appear in the map pool. The higher ranked player gets the first veto. Vetoes MUST be made at least 24 hours BEFORE the start of the series AND must be communicated to tourney admin and the opponent. If no veto is made by the higher seed at least 24 hours before the series is scheduled to begin, the veto will be passed to the lower seed and tourney admin will randomly veto another map. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. The map pool (as always) will be played in order after the vetoed maps are removed. All semi-final matches will be observed by tournament admin and all finals matches will be casted by SamuraiRevolution.









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