Aztec Fast Industrial Strategy


Discovery Age I

  1. -Build the firepit and 2 houses (build the second in age 1 for the exp for a faster 3 vils) 
  2. -Put fire pit on exp dance with the warrior priest on it
  3. First Card: 3 Villagers
  4. AGE UP: The Messanger – Fast Age

Transition I-II

  1. -Switch 10 vils to firepit and keep 5 on food for vil production 

Colonial Age II

  1. -Immediately switch to warrior priest dance
  2. Second Card: 3 Warrior Priests
  3. -Tc rally point on food 
  4. -Be on top of putting new warrior priests on the pit 
  5. Third Card: 700 Wood
  6. -When you have 10 priests switch the 10 vills on the pit to coin 
  7. -Use 700 wood for a war hut, market and hunting dogs/placer mines , house, and use the rest on walling off your base VS cav semis you make 4-5 puma from the war hut 
  8. Fourth Card: 5 Villagers
  9. -Continue gathering to age 
  10. Fifth Card: 600 coin
  11. -Use the 600g to age with 
  12. AGE UP: The Chief – 30% Better Warchief

Transition II-III 

  1. Sixth Card: 600 Coin
  2. -Macro for having enough for ind when you hit up to fortress (you may need to make a vil before you have enough) 

Fortress Age III 

  1. AGE UP: The Warrior – 5 Skull Knights

Transition III-IV

  1. Seventh Card: Smoking Mirror
  2. Eighth Card: 1000 Wood
  3. -You can use the warchief to defend, if he dies just use the dance to revive him 
  4. -Most vills on wood, some on coin to get 100 for elite mace , 200 for champion mace , 50 for firepit big button , and 100 for elite coyote then only wood/food macro 
  5. -You will need a lot of wood to avoid being housed in industrial Make 5 mace in transition 

Industrial Age IV 

  1. -Switch to skull knight dance
  2. Ninth Card: 7 Skill Knights
  3. Tenth Card: 20 Mace
  4. -Research champion mace
  5. -Delay a fight till you have a good skull mass (15-20) 
  6. -You will win any fight if your skulls make contact with war dance 
  7. -Vs skirms/cannon use your warchief to tank skirm volleys (consider sending the age 1 explorer card ) and use the swashbuckler ability to one shot artillery 
  8. -Eventually add coyote to your composition

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