Indian Fast Industrial Strategy


by dansil92

Begin by splitting vills accordingly. 7 vills on wood ensures continuous vill production- all the rest to food. First card is distributivism ; once it arrives move 3 vills off of wood to food leaving 4 on wood total. Prioritise finding food and wood treasures with your monks. Livestock greatly helps this build with the XP trickle so on a livestock map focus on getting as many as possible. From this point there are two possible builds, either the Karni Mata or the Agra Fort wonders. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The Karni Mata ageup is much greedier and grants both crates and an eco-boosting aura. This build tends to be effective against Japan, Dutch, Brits, and other slower civs. It doesn’t offer any extra defense or allow immediate training of units, but allows you to skip the 600 coin shipment (making your progression overall better) and gets you your consulate vills about 30 seconds earlier, plus the general advantage of the aura.

Agra Fort build is much safer but a bit slower. Its more standard and a lot easier to do consistently. Use vs pretty much any civ that you aren’t going to use the Karni vs.

While aging move two vills to coin 8 to wood and rest to food. Build a market and research “Civil Servants” first, then Hunting Eagles , then Blanket Filters . If playing against a raiding civ, consider Eastern Medicine to boost your villager HP and LOS.

Upon hitting colonial you will immediately ship “Foreign Logging” regardless of wonder. This gets your eco really rolling (when stacked with distributivism it is enough continous free wood to make all your villagers free indefinitely). Once it arrives move all but 4 vills onto food in coin in roughly equal numbers. Research Professional Hunters right away. You’ll need to build a house right now! If you aged with the Agra Fort train 5 sepoy (plus the 2 you aged with) and either take some big treasures, pressure hunts/trade posts/coin mines and/or defend from raids.

Next shipment is 300 export . You’ll have enough wood for a consulate now if you’re macroing correctly. Ally with the Ottoman Empire . Always wait for the shipment to arrive to cheapen the cost to ally, ensuring you will have enough export for both the vills and the minutemen in an emergency. As soon as the alliance is complete, get the vill tech (4 vills) to further boost your eco. Additionally the passive bonus is +10 LOS which makes countering raids extremely easy and gives you lots of heads up when an opponent may be pushing you. This gives you adequate time to react accordingly, flank enemy ranged infantry, and generally just play much more effectively. (sometimes it feels like you already have spies researched). In an emergency from a strong push, summon minutemen from the consulate in addition to your irregulars and sentries. They will arrive at your home city drop point, not the consulate.

Aim to be researching “Imperial Bureaucracy” around now and be building another house or two.

If you aged with the agra fort, you will need to ship 600 coin and age up with the Taj Majal using 4 vills. With the Karni Mata build you should be able to age easily with just your aura boosted vills and can skip 600 coin. Ship 600 wood while you are aging to ensure you can get your houses and a barracks built. The xp from building these will ensure you will amost certainly have another shipment ready upon reaching fortress age. Aging with the Taj grants a massive 800 coin so as soon as you’ve gathered up 400 coin in transition, you can move nearly all your vills over to food again.

As soon as you’ve reached fortress you can gather up your age-up crates. If you weren’t idled you should be able to ageup to Industrial as soon as those crates are gathered, usually about 20 seconds into fortress age. Generally you will age up using the Chaminar Gates , which grants 2 Mahout Lancers upon aging. This is a really strong age up and gives you access to the Mansabdar Sepoy, allowing further boosting of your already incredible units. However, if you were pushed earlier and had to ship a military shipment to defend instead of shipping 600 wood, you’ll most likely need to age up with the Tower of Victory , in order to get the wood you need for your housing and sepoy upgrades. The Inspiration ability can be used to get an advantage in a fight, but its not quite as good as the Mansabdar. You also won’t have the mahouts, meaning you’ll have to ship/train them.

As soon as you’ve starting aging to Industrial you have several priorities. Upgrade your sepoy to Disciplined . If you have the agra fort, start training sepoy constantly. For the Karni Mata build you need to drop a second barracks so you can upgrade and train simultaneously. Fortunately you should easily have the eco to make the most of both barracks in age IV.

You will be shipping units while aging too. The ideal shipments here are either 7 Urumi or 2 Mahout Lancers . Which you ship will be pretty matchup dependent, but here’s a rule of thumb: if your opponent is massing/ likely to be massing lots of skirmisher type units, ship Mahouts. When combined with the 2 ageup ones, you’ll have an extremely powerful spike of high hitpoint cav with splash damage, perfect for combining with Urumi and Sepoy. If your opponent is massing/ likely to be massing heavy infantry, ship 7 urumi. The advantage of this is of course that immediately upon hitting Industrial age the will upgrade for free and you’ll already have your Urumi mass growing. You should have enough sepoy currently to hold any cav pressure, but shipping 9 sepoy is always an option here too. 9 Zamburaks or 8 Gurkha may situationally be shipped too; 2 siege Elephants or Intervention (4 Veteran Hussars – upgrades to Guard upon reaching age IV, train 3 from the consulate if possible & necessary as well) may be shipped if 2 Falconets are on your doorstep. Start stacking your food up for the urumi shipments now.

You’ve hit Industrial Age now! Ship 9 (infinite) Urumi or 9 Urumi + 1 Mansabdar Urumi and keep sepoy cued at both your military buildings. Save up for Honored Sepoy as quickly as possible, as this is a huge boost to your units (and don’t get housed!). Train the Mansabdar Sepoy right away as well. 14 Sepoy is a strong shipment next, or just more Urumi. After your second age IV shipment has arrived and you’ve upgraded your sepoy you DEFINITELY need to push your opponent. You should be able to easily afford the Great Bombard tech at the consulate now if you didn’t call minutemen- you’ll be about a minute behind if you used them. Use ceasefire when you’re close to your opponent’s army to close in, flank your 2 mahouts (or 4 if you went for the mahouts earlier) and 2 monks behind the army to cut off retreat, slam your urumi into either the infantry (or ranged cavalry if you can catch them) and let your sepoy sit behind the urumi and shoot so they avoid taking much damage. If there is more than just a standard 2 falconets you can put 10-15 sepoy into melee mode and push them in with your urumi during ceasefire to charge the artillery. They have massive hand damage and an Honoured Sepoy has enough hitpoints to take a falconet shot to the chest and keep fighting (over 300 HP!).

REMEMBER Urumi do ranged damage only and as such, artillery resists their attacks by 75%. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES attempt to kill Heavy Cannon, Great Bombards, or Congreve Rockets with Urumi. Ship or train some siege elephants and/or use melee Sepoy + Mahouts.

As soon as ceasfire ends, attack move your urumi and use the mahouts/ monks to cut off any chance of retreat. Mixing in the Great Bombards here obviously makes your military even more powerful and gives a huge amount of ranged siege pressure. Additional shipments you can send are 25 tiger claws (these don’t take up any population and act like cavalry, though are weak to artillery), Jat Lancers , or even Sepoy Resistance . Another strategic card is to ship is Dukkha Suffering , which slows down all enemy units (quite dramatically) that are close to your Monks. This allows your Urumi to more easily catch up and slows down any attempts at retreat; while not a normal card to send, sometimes you’re just housed and can’t really afford to ship more Urumi. Ideally, however, you will just keep shipping 9 Urumi (infinite). You have a powerful economy behind this, incredible shipments, and extremely strong units. Once you are safely in age IV, it is extremely easy to keep pressure on an opponent, almost indefinitely.

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