Japanese Greed Boom Strategy


by ThePorkOfDoom

edited by SamuraiRevolution

Discovery Age I

  1. -With a food start just build a shrine
  2. -With a wood start build the consulate and chop 135 wood for a shrine, ally dutch
  3. -With a coin start go early market and mine 50 coin, buy 100 wood, build the shrine and get the first food upgrade
  4. First Card: Heavenly Kami
  5. AGE UP: Toshogu Shrine – 200 export

Transition I – II

  1. -Keep 6 villagers on food put all villagers plus new villagers go to wood
  2. -Set shrine(s) to wood
  3. -Use explorers to build shrines on hunts
  4. -If you have herdibles, if its less than 8 just put them on the big shrine, if you have more, build the appropriate amount of shrines in base

Colonial Age II

    1. Second Card: 600 wood
    2. -Build Barracks or Stable depending on your desired unit composition ASAP
    3. -Keep building shrines
    4. -When the 600 wood is ¾ shipped, switch villagers to the unit macro of your desire. (For example, most of ⅔ on food and ⅓ on coin for ashigaru musk)
    5. Third Card: 4 villagers
    6. -Build a consulate (if you haven’t already), market (if you haven’t already), and shrines with the 600 wood
    7. -Ally with dutch and send the bank wagon when you have the export
    8. Third Card: 4 villies (2nd time)
    9. -Get all market techs 
    10. Fourth Card: 300 Export

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