Japanese Yamabushi Rush Strategy


Writen by: ThePorkOfDoom

Edited by: SamuraiRevolution

Discovery Age I 

  1. -If extra wood build two shrines or mine 25 coin and go market hanami parties
  2. -If extra starting coin build market, grab hanami parties and gather 50 coin, buy wood, build a shrine 
  3. -If extra starting food just build shrine 
  4. First Shipment: 300 wood
  5. AGE UP: Toshogu Shrine – 200 export

Transition I-II

  1. -0 vills on the wonder, 6 on food, rest on wood (don’t forget to make vills in transition) 
  2. -Build 5 shrines on hunts and switch shrines to wood
  3. -Build a consulate and don’t ally with anyone yet 
  4. -When you have 200 wood stacked switch 2 vills to coin, rest on food, switch shrines to coin 

Colonial Age II 

  1. Second Shipment: 300 export
  2. -Build a barrack with the 200 wood 
  3. -Queue ashigaru from the rax 
  4. Third Shipment: 5 ashigaru
  5. -When 300 export arrives, ally with japan and queue 10 Yamabushi 
  6. – Send 5 more ashigaru
  7. -Keep making Ashigaru and when the second 5 ashigaru shipment arrives, push! 
  8. *Potential follow up cards are 5 yumi or the daimyo for additional pressure, 600 coin to continue producing ashigaru, or 600 wood to fuel a shrine boom.

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