Team FFA 2020 Calendar and Registration


Calendar dates are as follows (dates may change due to extenuating circumstances):

August 01  – Early Registration OPEN (Patrons only)

August 03 – Registration OPEN to everyone (FCFS)

August 28 – Registration CLOSED and groups are finalized

August 31 – Regular season begins 

Grand Finals – DATE TBA – Once all games are played, the grand finals will be scheduled.

SamuraiRevolution will cast all games via provided recording! 

 -All players must be members of the SamuraiRevolutionOfficial discord server and all players must be available on weekends.

-To register, contact TheClemsonFan via direct message (DM) on the discord server. Be sure to include your ESO username and general availability (days of the week and time of day along with your timezone) AND pay the entry fee on paypal (all details below). 

– Signups are open for four weeks or UNTIL ALL SPOTS ARE FILLED. There can only be 16 teams!

This tournament is available to players between the ranks of 0-31.00 with at least 25 completed games on their ESO account.  (Max team average PR is 22.00) 

Prize and Entry Fee

-There is a $10 dollar entry fee per team.

-There are percentages of winnings for each place. 1st 50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, and 4th 10%.

-Example:  16 teams, $160 dollars is in the pot to win. The split is shown below. 









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