Hey man just wanted to say thank you for uploading and providing content. It’s something that I always look forward to and get excited whenever your videos pop up in my subscriptions. Your weekly little devotional in your stream are something I really appreciate as well. It’s really awesome to see someone out there that’s unashamed to talk about God and share their own experiences with him. That alone has encouraged me to be stronger and dig deeper in the word as well as live a life not scared to speak the truth. It really meant a lot to be able to play with you. I’ve watched the streams and your videos for awhile now and finally decided to try and join your game hoping to not get absolutely annihilated by you haha. I’ve played age since I was in middle school with my brothers and up until now we all recently started playing again with quarantine happening. So yeah, just wanted to say thank you for what you’re doing and keep up the great work!


I recently started playing AOE3 for the first time since I was a kid and your videos have been absolutely incredible. I was bored of the game after re-familiarising myself with the features, but then I saw your strategy videos and it gave the game a new life for me and brought a new passion for it that I did not have before. I love playing as the British of course, with a cup of tea and a biscuit or “cookie” as you call it across the pond. I saw on your bio that you are a Christian. I don’t know what it is about your channel, but it is definitely empowered by spirit and I’ve seen other testimonials and comments where your output really helps people in some way. Your work is acting for good in the world, so thank you for your videos! It’s definitely come at a good time for me :slight_smile:


I’d just like to thank you for everything you do. I discovered your channel pretty recently, but since then I’ve been watching your videos nearly every day. Just little bits at a time, but it has been my escape from everything. I read your story and can relate a lot. I also grew up watching my dad play and used to love just sitting on his lap. Over the past couple years, I’ve also been in some bad places mentally and spiritually. This is my senior year, and things kind of just seem to get worse and worse. Your videos help me get through everything. At first I just thought you were a cool guy, then I found out you were Christian, and then tonight I read your whole story. I know it’s only a game, but it kind of seemed like just what I needed and that God sent me to your channel. Know that I’m praying for you and your family, especially during all of this. I’m pumped for DE and will definitely continue watching your videos and streams. Thank you again for everything that you do. Your work has truly been a blessing. Good luck looking for a house, and I hope you continue with videos as long as you enjoy it. God bless!


Sending this message to thank the content that you make available to the Age community! Just like you have been playing since I was a kid, but I started from PVP just this year and I only realize now how I didn’t know anything about the game. Your website is amazing and I have shared it to all my friends who play with me, they always praise the site too, mainly the strategy school. Brazilian greetings!


I love your whole channel and what it does for the game Age of Empires 3, it keeps the game alive and makes it easier for new players to get into the game. I have a friend for whom I bought aoe3… i referred him to your channel and suggested a few video’s. Since he started watching your vids i have seen his skill/gameplay has increased. In the beginning he started to dislike the community of this game (lamers, lv20 players joining noob games, smurfs), but now he knows about the community you created and he likes the game more. Because of your vids and community a person found his love for this game and enjoys playing it immensely.

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